Life In A Tide Pool
Life In A Tide Pool



The series Life in a Tide Pool explores the fascinating world of tide pools. Tide pools occur in rocky locations where the ocean meets the land. This zone is covered by water and exposed to air periodically throughout the day. Both plants and animals must survive pounding waves, wide temperature and salinity swings and intense competition for space and food. The series explores the types of marine life that live in this harsh environment and looks at how these animals can survive. Each episode focuses on an animal group and takes the viewer to a new tide pool location. Join the host and experts as they explore this fascinating world.

Production Images

Each episode was filmed at a different location and featured location specific animals. Episodes also introduce experts in the field and interview people related to conservation, preservation and teaching about the marine environment. These are a sample of images taken from the episodes. More images are available on the specific episode pages.

Teaching and Education

So you think you know your tide pool animals? Test your knowledge of these tide pool animals and many more on our resources page. Also on this page, checkout the aquariums we visited during the show and learn all about how they feed the animals and other educational resources. This is a valuable resource for teachers and educators that need information to help present and develop topics related to the marine environment.