Life In A Tide Pool



Barnacles are one of the more common animals seen in a tide pool. They live in the highest parts of a tide pool that get just a splash of water each day. They also live in the middle and lower sections throughout the tide pool area. Barnacles are also crustaceans and related to crabs. The team visits Crystal Cove State Park to learn more about the types of barnacles and see the different species in the wild. Viewers also learn how barnacles shed their outer skin and grow by talking to the aquarium staff at the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium.

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Additional & Deleted Scenes

Danielle talks about the two different types of Acorn barnacles Balanus and Chthamalus. They looks similar but one is larger and one lives higher in the tide pool region. They also compete for space and food.
Danielle and Kasey talk about sea anemones and how they live in this particular place. They have specialized "fighting" tentacles they use to defend themselves from other anemones that move into their area.