Life In A Tide Pool

Crabs and Lobsters

Crabs & Lobsters

On this episode, the team visits the tide pools at Woods Cove in search of crabs. There are a few types of crabs commonly found in tide pools but the most interesting to watch for visitors are the hermit crabs. Viewers learn how crabs can grow by process called molting. The team visits the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium to learn about kelp crabs. The team then travels to Catalina Offshore Products to meet with Fish Monger Tommy Gomes to learn all about Lobsters and the fishery.

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Additional & Deleted Scenes

Additional video showing Danielle and Kasey in upper pool at Woods cove. Learn about abiotic impacts and types of stress these animals face in higher pools of water.
Danielle and Kasey at Woods cove looking at surge channel in upper part of tide pool. Learn about tube snails and what type of algae the stripped shore crabs prefer.
Danielle talks about her research into endangered abalone and some causes of their decline. She also talks about her classes and I even got her to tell us what her favorite class to teach is.