Life In A Tide Pool


Leo Carillo State Park

Leo Carillo State Park is located in northern Los Angeles county just north of Malibu. The park was named after the actor Leo Carillo who was a popular movie star in the 50's. He was an active conservationist. The park has great tide pools, hiking trails and one of the better coastal camp grounds. There are miles of beaches, a few sea cave and lots of great places to explore. This link has more information about Leo Carillo tide pools.

Whites Point

Whites Point is located in San Pedro in Los Angeles. The area has beaches to the north and south. The tide pool area is characterized by a large flat bench that provides a flat easily accessible surface for visitors to explore the tide pools. There is the foundation of an old hotel that was destroyed in the Long Beach earthquake many years ago. Here is a link for more information about Whites Point tide pools.

Crystal Cove State Park

Crystal Cove State Park is located just north of Laguna Beach. The park has over 3 miles of pristine beach, miles of hiking trails and a beach front camp ground. There is also the historic district where visitors can see historic cottages and get a view of how life was like many years ago. There are several great tide pool locations visitors can explore. The Rocky Point area was the location where the episode was filmed. Here is more information about Crystal Cove tide pools

Shaws Cove

Shaws Cove is located in North Laguna Beach. This is one of the prettiest beaches in all of orange county. It has great tide pools provides lots of opportunity for visitors to see a variety of tide pool life. We chose this location to film sea stars but when we got there, the sea star wasting syndrome had wiped out all the sea stars. We quickly decided to also film the snail sequence. Here is more information about Shaws Cove tide pools.

Woods Cove

Woods Cove is located in south Laguna Beach. It has a small beach with rocky areas great for tide pools on all sides. The tide pool areas are only accessible at low tide and the beach for the most part as well. We were fortunate to have a calm day when we filmed the episode at woods cove. The tide pools offer a wide variety of marine life and has good representation for high, mid and lower tide zones. Here is more information about the Woods Cove tide poos.

Cabrillo National Monument

The Cabrillo National Monument is located on the Point Loma Peninsula in San Diego. It resides on a navy base at the top of a hill. It provides stunning views of the ocean and the San Diego Area. We were grateful to have a ranger with us during filming to help navigate the areas. The tide pools are extensive but may not have some of the diversity as others. Here is more information about the Cabrillo National Monument tide pools

Goff Island

Goff Island is located in south Laguna Beach. This area is located just north of the more well known treasure island. This area is characterized by a large island with a large rocky tide pool area surrounding the base. The island is no longer a true island in that it is connected to the beach and easily accessible to visitors. There are several large pools that support hundreds of urchins and other marine life.