Life In A Tide Pool

Meet the Experts

Dr. Danielle Zacherl

Danielle is a professor of biology at California State University Fullerton. She teaches a variety of classes including marine biology and invertebrate zoology. She first was interested in marine biology during a study abroad semester at the US Virgin Islands. Her research topics include studying population connectivity using calcified statoliths to see the distribution of snail larvae. Research topics also include restoration projects for the Olympia oyster. Topics also include the monitoring of several types of oysters but also endangered abalone species including the black and threaded abalone. More on Danielle Zacherl Research Topics

Dr. Jayson Smith

Jay is a professor of Biology at California State University Pomona. His main research topics include conservation efforts to better understand the various effects of human, climate and non-native species have on ecosystems. His conservation interests include rocky intertidal ecosystems, focusing on invasive seaweeds; effects of human visitation; long-term change in community structure and dynamics; effects of climate change; restoration ecology, and environmental policy and management (such as Marine Protected Areas). Link to Jayson R Smith Research

Dr. Bruno Pernet

Bruno is a Professor of Biology at California State University Long Beach. He teaches a variety of biology classes including invertebrate biology and marine biology related courses. He is interested in how invertebrate animals develop, how they function, and how they have evolved. Specific research projects often focus on the evolution of larval form and function in animals whose embryos undergo spiral cleavage (e.g., annelid worms, like the serpulid Protula sp. pictured above, from egg at far left to adult at far right, with some intermediate stages in between). Link to Bruno Pernet Research

Mike Schaadt

Mike is the director of the Cabrilo Marine Aquarium located in San Pedro California. The aquarium has many great exhibits that feature local plants and animals that educate and entertain visitors. The Aquarium is involved with many research projects including the study of endangered abalone, sea horses and local wetlands. The Aquarium provides a wide variety of educational opportunities for school children up to adult. Mike oversees all of the staff and the hundreds of volunteers that allow the aquarium to run smoothly.

Kasey Eunice

Kasey graduated from California State University Long Beach with a degree in Marine Biology. He has lived in southern California his whole life and has always been a "student of the ocean". He regularly volunteers at local aquariums to help educate visitors about various marine biology related topics and participates in local research projects. The website is maintained and updated by Kasey on a regular basis.