Life In A Tide Pool

Sea Anemones

Sea anemones are fascinating to interact with for young and old tide pool visitors. Some species for huge colonies and can actually go to war over territory. They are carnivores and rely on animals falling in or swimming too close to escape. Several types of algae can grow inside the anemones and provide the animal with food and nutrients. The sea anemones in turn can move around to find the best sunlight for these symbiotic algae. Why are some anemones bright green while others are pale white and yellow? On this episode of Life in a Tide Pool, join the host and local experts as they explore the tide pools at Dike Rock and learn about these fascinating adaptations. Take a tour of the Birch Aquarium to see other similar types of animals include jellyfish and other types of sea anemones found in deeper water. Visit a lab to learn more about the specialized stinging cells they use to capture prey. They also form other symbiotic relationships with several types of fish.

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