Life In A Tide Pool

Sea Stars & Snails

Sea Stars & Snails

The team visits Shaws Cove tide pools to learn all about sea stars and snails. Sea stars are one of the most widely recognizable animals in a tide pool but they have all vanished. Learn why all the sea stars are gone and when they may return. Viewers also learn about the many different kinds of snails including the predatory welks that eat mussels, clams and barnacles. The team travels to the lab and a local aquarium to learn more about sea stars and the amazing adaptations they have to survive in tide pools.

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Danielle and Kasey explore the flat southern section of Shaws cove tide pools. Find out about the giant anemones that live here and why wild anemones are green in color and why anemones kept in captivity are usually pale white or grey.
Danielle and Kasey talk about the competition between barnacles and mussels that live in the same area. Which one would become the dominant species and if the smaller barnacles would life lower in the tide zone if they could.